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Save Keys Undetectable is a keylogger for Windows computers
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Alpine Snow

Save Keys Undetectable is a keylogger for Windows computers. The "undetectable" part of the name is a pretty obvious statement, but it´s not always true. I'll get back to the topic though.
Save Keys Undetectable allows you to record almost anything that happens on the computer wherein the application is running. It can save keystrokes and record what applications are opened and closed during a recorded session. It also adds clipboard functionality, which allows the application to record anything that you copy or paste. That was formerly a good way for by-passing keyloggers, since no keypresses were needed to do that. But now, apparently, no information is safe from these applications.

Save Keys Undetectable will encrypt its log files so that nobody can open them and then decrypt them when you input the right password. As far as the "undetectable" word in the name of this application goes, there are ways this application can be detected. It simply erases references to itself when installed. But, with common sense and some knowledge about how Windows works, a user can see that this application is running in the background and pinpoint its location on the hard drive. Still, this should at least prevent virus scanners from finding the application.

José Fernández
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  • Pretty smart hiding techniques
  • Well formatted logs


  • The name can be deceiving
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